Establish 3 Home Office "Zones" For Efficient Working

Establish 3 Home Office "Zones" For Efficient Working

Taryn Williford
Feb 16, 2011

Despite crazy innovations all over the world, the design of grocery stores hasn't changed much in the last 100 years—you'll always find the tomatoes near the lettuce and the sugar near the flour. That's because the grocery industry realizes that dividing your space into zones makes it more efficient for the people who visit. You can put that same system to use in your home office by designating these three office zones in your work space.

See the pictures in this post? They're from Chris' Crafty Home Office Makeover Tech Tour. We're not just showing you this space 'cause it's pretty, this office does an awesome job of establishing these three zones:

1. The Work Center
The work center should be the main spot you plop down in your home office. It's the place to get work done. Start with a big, flat surface and work out from there.
What goes in it?: Your desk or workspace, computer, printer, drafting table, crafting area, sewing machine, music equipment—whatever you use on a daily basis to get work done.

2. The Reference Center
The reference center is a place where you store in-the-fleshpulp information. It's like your library, so line it with books and cabinets. Or, in a smaller space, your reference zone can be a simple bookshelf or cabinet.
What goes in it?: Books, magazines, binders, manuals and file cabinets.

3. The Supply Center
The supply center is where you stash away all your "consumables," anything that takes up room that might get used up in the course of working. Most people relegate a drawer or closet to be their supply zone, but some crafting spaces might be 80-percent supply storage, with plenty of shelves, bars and jars to hold paper and ribbons.
What goes in it?: Paper, pencils, markers, ribbons, paper clips, business cards—anything "consumable" that you need to room to store.

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