This Cactus-Shaped Cat Scratching Post Is Exactly Why We Have Etsy

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Credit: Dalibor Valek/Shutterstock

If you have a cat, then you’re probably already well versed in what The Internet has done to All Things Cat. You can get just about anything you want for your cat these days online (and plenty of things you don’t want). You can even get an inflatable wizard hat for your feline. But I’m not here today to tell you about inflatable wizard hats for cats. I’m here to tell you about something that’s cute, handcrafted, and actually functional: this cactus-shaped scratching post.

Made with rope and wood, the Etsy shop behind the product (RiverNCats) really nailed their broad appeal with this creation. I never thought I’d say this about a cat tree, especially since I don’t even have a cat, but this thing can stand alone on its aesthetics. It actually looks good as a piece of decor. Not only are cacti stylish (and have been for a while), but texture is key to good home design and the rope on this structure brings a texture into the home that we don’t see on a lot of items. What’s even more appealing, though, is the fact that you can choose your own colors for the cactus and its base.

That’s right, you can purposely order this scratching post to fit with your color palate (vs. just get whatever you like best from the pet supply store near you). Also: the flowers. I like that this cactus scratching post comes with blooms on it.

The cat tree stands 47 inches high, is nearly 24 inches wide, and weighs in at 22 pounds, costs just over $300, and ships worldwide (including all of the places where cacti are not native, of course). And my favorite feature, straight from the product description: “will fit all common cat models.”

If you need any further evidence that cats rule the Earth, here’s yet another thing that is cute enough for humans to like even without cats, but is made by a human for humans to purchase so that their cats can have and destroy it instead.