Etsy Find: Reclaimed Wood Sewing Machines

click thumbnails for larger pics We remember spending hours watching our mother sew everything from clothes to quilts when we were younger. We truly learned the value of making due and mending what you have! We would have loved to have had one of these little machines to “make” our dolls clothes and curtains for our dollhouses! The machines come in 3 sizes and have working parts.

Etsy seller WoodClinic and his wife, SillyCon Designs make their home on Vancouver Island. He enjoys creating an heirloom quality toy that has longevity and adds beauty to a room. It’s no doubt that his creations will last a lifetime and then some.

Each machine is hand made and finished with non toxic oil, without the use of dyes, perfumes or additives. They are also FDA approved and are certified Kosher.

Featured Above, Left To Right

  • 8.5″ Tall Sewing Machine: for $65 and made from 2 kinds of Maple and Black Walnut. The hand crank turns and makes the needle move up and down.
  • 10″ Tall Sewing Machine: for $45. Models of this make will vary in types of wood used, knob types and crank size. Pictures can be sent before shipping.
  • 5″ Tall “Doll” Sewing Machine: for $32, made from an endangered Gary Oak tree that was struck by lightning. Working crank and needle.
  • Toy Wooden Iron: for $15, made from Cherry, Maple, Beech, and Walnut.
  • 6 Paint Jar Holder: for $21, includes jars and would be perfect for your next art project or to hold sewing notions such as buttons or bits of thread.

    (Images: WoodClinic)

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