Etsy Find: The Little Chickadee

While the silhouette hype has been going for quite a while, we couldn’t help but swoon over these prints that we found on Etsy this morning. The intricacy and incorporation of many different elements make them fanciful and fun, and something we would love to have on our wall…

The Little Chickadee shop on Etsy is chock full of pretty little cards and intricate prints of silhouettes that we love. Here are some of our favorites:
1 The Captain silhouette print is the piece that first caught our eye. Love the surreal nautical theme with a victorian flair.
2 Le Chapeau is another beautiful fusion of imagery in the cutout style that we think would be great on our wall.
3 Le Lapin, The Masked Ball Silhouette Print, is another silhouette print that strikes our fancy.
4 La Chevre, The Masked Ball Silhouette Print accompanies Le Lapin for a great diptych.
5 These Red Bird Bookplates are whimsical little pieces that we’d love to have for our library.
6 This Squirrel with Umbrella card is one in a series of flocked cards that we think are too cute.
7 These Shadow Puppet notecards are adorned with gorgeous little illustrations. Love.
8 We adore these Remarkable Pig notecards–especially the colors!