6 Tiny Houses on Wheels to Buy on Etsy, Starting at $7K

published Jan 18, 2019
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(Image credit: tinyindustrial.etsy.com)

Tiny homes on wheels (T.H.O.W) can give you a Marie Kondo-friendly downsizing plan in a wanderlust-satisfying package. And, thankfully, procuring one can be as easy as purchasing a personalized gift or vintage clothing. Yes, tiny homes are available on Etsy—and here are six great options to help you start planning your life on the go. Just remember to speak with the seller to make sure you understand what you’re buying as tiny homes often come with hidden costs and complications!

(Image credit: theoldgrainery.etsy.com)

Price: $7,700

A converted bus is a great way to make a mobile tiny home, and this 1953 GMC Coach City Bus is a fixer-upper enthusiast’s dream. It was first converted into a motor home in the 1960s, and the possibilities for renovation are endless.

(Image credit: theoldgrainery.etsy.com)

While it does not currently have a motor, its tires are in good shape. Once renovated, it could also work as an on-property dressing room or even a party bus for your special occasions.

(Image credit: tinyindustrial.etsy.com)

Price: $12,000

Whether you need a mobile home to hit the summer music festival circuit or just need a small space to get away from it all, this tiny home camper is lightweight so most vehicles can easily pull it.

(Image credit: tinyindustrial.etsy.com)

It’s the perfect space to let your inner wander roam, while still enjoying all the comforts of home (including full insulation, ceiling LED lights, and the option for an eco-friendly composting toilet.)

(Image credit: tinyindustrial.etsy.com)

Price: $13,000

This aviation-inspired tiny house on wheels is clad in shiny aluminum and features two first-class leather airplane seats inside. The listing from Tiny Industrial suggests that it would be perfect for tailgating, as a camper, as a guest pod, or simply to just relax in with a good book or your favorite TV series.

(Image credit: tinyindustrial.etsy.com)

It comes with a fold-down deck covered in artificial grass for when you need some fresh air.

(Image credit: blueprintedart.etsy.com)

Price: $15,000

While this tiny house on wheels in only partially-finished, that means it’s ready for you to customize it to your exact liking. It has solar electricity, a composting toilet, a loft with room for a queen size mattress, a full size tub and shower unit, a sky light, and a porch.

(Image credit: mikabymelissa.etsy.com)

Price: $32,000

Available to ship nationwide, this tiny house on wheels has nine windows as well as a sliding glass door, so you’ll never lack for plenty of sunlight. And with lots of storage space and 12-foot ceilings, the small space feels airy, not cramped.

(Image credit: mikabymelissa.etsy.com)

The listing also suggests that it would be a great Airbnb investment property.

Price: $29.99 for instantly downloadable plan

If you really want to DIY your tiny house from scratch, this instant digital download plan comes with all the instructions and information you need to make the No. 1 Moschata Tiny House by the Small House Catalog.

The blueprint includes instructions for a built-in tea table and ladder, as well as electrical and plumbing plans. The total estimated cost for construction is $17,000.

Now that you’ve picked your tiny house on wheels, you have to find a place to park it. Here, five of the best places in the U.S. to live in a tiny house.