Etsy's Dazeychic: On Working From Home With Kids

Etsy's Dazeychic: On Working From Home With Kids

Sarah Rae Smith
Jul 7, 2009

Etsy sensation and stay at home mom was recently featured over at The Storque and had has worked her son Brayden into every part of her daily life. She gets a a great deal accomplished for her business each day and still had time to be a mommy-extraordinaire. Click through the jump to hear how she manages her time...

Dazeychic has given a full interview over at Etsy's blog, The Storque on all sorts of tips and tricks that have helped to make her such a success while working from home. It's all fabulous information, but what really caught our attention is her daily schedule. She manages to accomplish everything she needs to do with her son underfoot, here's a small snippet of what she had to say:

• 10:30 a.m.: Brayden and I get dressed. Or rather, I get him dressed and I *try* to get dressed while he is under my feet showing me the big engine on his Hot Wheel car. He is often found shooting cars off of Mommy and Daddy's big bed right about now. I, thank goodness, get ten minutes to brush my teeth, flat iron my hair, apply a bit of makeup and find some flip flops.

• 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.: This is officially Brayden & Mommy time. The business hat comes off and I focus on him. We take little trips to the store to do errands. We go to the library and play with the train set in the far back corner that no one else knows about. We giggle about silly things and make up songs. We build forts and meet Grandma for lunch. We go to the park or go for a walk. Every day is different. Every day I realize more and more how lucky I am to have quit working a day job and how it is making a direct impact on who my son is going to be. It's just such a gift.

• 1:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.: This is when I jump into high gear. Brayden is usually taking a nap or my incredible family (whom I could not live without) takes him off my hands for a bit. I finish printing, I sign and number each print, I bag them in pristine plastic sleeves, I stuff envelopes with promo goodies and rush to get to the post office before it closes.

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