Eureka Intent

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Sometimes, having a light at night when you’re camping is useful. It’s not “all stars, all the time,” and it’s often not bright enough to do basic tasks, especially when it gets dark out much earlier than in the summer. Enter the Eureka Intent, a lightweight, solar-powered camping tent that sleeps 6. Eight hours of sunlight means eight hours of lighting later on, via built-in LED lights. The solar panels also can charge AA batteries, handy if you have a digital camera, GPS, or other device that run on AAs. The Intent retails for $239.

Eureka also has another line of tents that have 12V outlets built into the tents, N!ergy, which sleep 4-12 and range in price from $159-$289; the power pack is an additional $70.

– Originally seen over on CBS’s Early Show website, via Danny Seo’s blog.