This European-Inspired Tiny Home Cost $15,000 to Build and it Has a Pizza Oven Inside

published Apr 22, 2018
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When people are shopping for a home, they typically have a checklist of things they “need” and things they “want.” The line between the two can often get blurred, especially when trying to find your dream home. But, sometimes you don’t realize what you need until you’re staring it in the face. After seeing this tiny home in Florida, I now realize, I need a pizza oven in my future home.

Yes, this tiny home gives us all of the European vibes we could ask for while still managing to home a giant pizza oven. How is that even possible?

Why wait for delivery when you can have homemade pizza that will taste 10x better?

This Florida tiny home was featured as “House of the Week” on Zillow Porchlight.

Empty nesters looking to avoid the burden of a big mortgage, Robert and Rebekah Sofia embarked on a 20-month journey designing and building a 221-square-foot home in Ocklawaha, FL. Most people would balk at the idea of putting an 800-degree wood-fired pizza oven in such a small space. But with layers of plaster, cement and a heavy metal door, it’s completely insulated.

There is no pizza that tastes better than wood-fired pizza, so this home just shot to the top of my dream home list.

The tiny home cost $15,000 to build and on top of the having a pizza oven, it also has an outdoor soaking tub, his-and-hers closets, an apron sink, a formal dining room with a chandelier, and a hanging music loft. So chic!

Robert and Rebekah wanted to make this home as European-inspired as possible. To build the home, they even used recycled building materials, like cedar planks and corrugated metal. Their thrifty but clever planning allowed them to stay in budget and managed to build this home for cheap.

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