Even More Holiday Decor Inspiration

We can’t seem to stop looking for more and more holiday decor inspiration. There’s just so much of it and we can’t stop adding things here and there. We’re not even going to be in town for Christmas, but we’re still decorating and planning to throw an end-of-the-holiday bash!

We felt like we found Meca when we spotted these holiday decor inspirations on Emmas DesignBlogg &mdash the pictures she managed to wrangle up are right on target with what we would want in our home: Whimsical, smart, inspirational, do it yourself decor.

A humbling piece of inspiration we spotted in a few of these pictures &mdash inexpensive IKEA ornaments! We purchased a bundle of solid black IKEA ornaments last year and this year, we decided not to have a tree. We love the idea of filling up a glass jar with them, hanging them from antlers (not that most people have antler in their home), adding them to light fixtures and even putting the tree topper on top of a vase.

How have you repurposed your holiday ornaments?