Event Inspiration from the Gals at Thursdays

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

In December I chatted-up the fun adventure that is Thursdays: Established to formalize get togethers that were already happening, and have been for one group of young women for the past seven years, their events are about spending quality time with loved ones and friends, and those get togethers just so happen to occur on Thursdays and include crafts and dinner. They recently added super cute Home Décor How To’s, so I had to share.

Three New Home Décor How To’s from Thursdays:

  • Wine Cork Board: Transform any old frame with the corks you’ve been hiding away. It would make a great memo board or even an inspiration board to showcase images of what you want to see and do.
  • Emily’s Braided Rug: Emily’s precise directions will help you easily finish this rug. During her first attempt she actually took it apart to eliminate puckering, so I venture to say you’re in good hands! Use unwanted scraps of cloth from your sewing projects, old t-shirts or warn-out towels. It’s the perfect use for your unwanted linens once you’re pared back in Living with Less.
  • Pretty Pillow Case: Super simple and achievable without a sewing machine, the ideas behind the pretty pillow case could also be used to fancy-up any throw pillow for a second life.

See why I’m loving Thursdays? Such cute ideas!