Eve’s Atomic Mod Kitchen

Name: Eve
Location: Schaghticoke, New York
Type of Home: single family home

Color Inspiration: I just love saturated color in general. It creates a warm, vibrant, energizing environment. The green on the walls seemed to compliment the wood of the cabinets well and also the fabric for the drapes — the two beginning elements of the room, before we even finished buying the house.

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Atomic Mod

Color Inspiration continued: My last flat had a ton of color as well. I’ve tried white/neutral rooms in the past after being inspired by others’ peaceful, simple spaces. It usually ends up feeling unnatural to me and then I repaint on the other end of the spectrum. Unless there is a ton of additional vibrant bold color in the accents/furniture/textiles, those types of rooms are the exception and not my norm.

Colors Used: The main wall color is Benjamin Moore’s Spring Moss. I painted all of the wainscoting bright white to accent it. Then after hanging the vintage psychedelic drapes, I added in aqua/teal/cobalt and yellow. There’s also a bit of orange (valance over sink, wall graphics) and a bit of pink (accent color of drapes, wall graphics). Green, blue/teal & orange is one of my all-time favorite color palettes. Yellow is a newer color I’ve been working with. Some may think it’s too many colors, but I think the healthy doses of white and wood help to balance it all out. And it keeps things interesting.

Color Tip: I have three: (1) Be fearless and don’t follow too many rules. They can be a good jumping off point but in the end following rules to a “T” can make your space feel contrived and stale instead of showcasing your interesting personal style.

(2) Don’t be afraid of painting your walls! — if you live where you can, obviously — It can make the biggest impact. If you have a gut reaction that you just love a color but worry it’s really bright/dark/deep/saturated, don’t hesitate — go for it. Even just on one wall at first if the thought of the whole room makes you anxious. It’s not that hard to repaint if you truly can’t live with it. But it may very well end up being your favorite space in your home.

And last but not least, (3) think outside of the box with your color combos — if you think it looks good together and you love it, that’s all that matters.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
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