Ew, I Can't Stand That! Design Allergies

Ew, I Can't Stand That! Design Allergies

Maxwell Ryan
Jun 25, 2012

Beyond the karate chop pillow problem: I recently was having a meal with a very easy going, low maintenance, friend when she surprised me by saying that there were two things in the world that she absolutely can't stand eating. "Really? What are they?" I inquired. "Capers and Anchovies." She said promptly. I realized that though I loved these two things, there was no amount of pushing or prodding that was going to change this for her. It was visceral, from childhood and somewhere deep in her bones.

This got me to thinking. Many, many people have a food issue like this, so do they also have any deeper domestic design issues like this too?

Last week we DID a post on design trends that people dislike, this is different.

For my daughter, the feeling of a scratchy wool blanket is the worst thing in the world and she can't abide it for even a second. I LOVE a thick scratchy wool blanket while napping on the sofa in winter.

For myself, I could easily think of three things that make my skin crawl:

1. Bare light bulbs
2. Artwork off kilter, hung too high and/or at all different heights
3. Thick cat and/or dog hair in a room

These are things that might not bother most people, but when I walk into a room, they trigger great discomfort on a visceral level (also, I'm allergic to dust and pet hair, when there's too much of it). It's very hard for me not to adjust the lighting in these cases or to adjust the artwork. I can be quite annoying when I do.

In a way, these are good things to know about yourself - and your partner or spouse - and though they can change over your lifetime, they are probably best worked around, rather than trying to change.

So, my question today is, what are the things you find in people's homes that you simply can't digest, no matter how hard you try??

(Image: Maxwell Gillingham Ryan)

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