How Many Households are Hanging onto Landlines?

How Many Households are Hanging onto Landlines?

Taryn Williford
May 13, 2010

We could talk all day about dropping your land line and switching your place to a mobile-only household. But the truth is not everyone has followed our lead. Do you know exactly what percentage of US homes are without land line phones? Is it one in four, one in seven, or one in 12?

The answer is roughly one in four US households was land-line-less at the end of last year.

Results from the National Health Interview Survey released yesterday showed that around 24.5 percent of US homes have dropped their landlines—that translates to about 52 million mobile-only adults lived in homes with no landlines.

The survey also showed that certain factors made a household more likely to have dropped their land line.

Two-thirds of households with adult, unrelated roommates reported having only mobile phones. Renters were around three times more likely to live in spaces without landlines.

I'm a renter and until this year had lived with roommates, and I'm definitely mobile-only. But my parents are homeowners who were ahead of the curve in dropping theirs.

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