This 161-Square-Foot Tiny House Can Expand to 3 Times Its Size

published Sep 21, 2023
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Tiny houses at rural landscape
Credit: Westend61 / Getty Images

For all the benefits of tiny houses — reduced environmental impact, generally lower expenses, etc. — there’s no denying that living in a drastically smaller space can present plenty of challenges. However, California-based startup Podform aims to change that with their new Pod Studio. They’re touting it as the world’s “smartest tiny house,” with a design that’s capable of expanding three times its original size.

Initially, the Pod Studio measures a mere 161 square feet. However, in less than 15 minutes, it can be expanded to 454 square feet. The tiny home is also portable and can be transported anywhere with no home foundation needed, thanks to its built-in hydraulic legs.

Another major selling point is the Pod Studio’s durability. The home features a steel and aluminum exterior and a solar awning energy system, allowing it to withstand up to 100 mph winds, as well as fire for up to 90 minutes.

Given how easily tiny homes can be moved around, security is also a major concern that Podform has taken into account. Pod Studio houses come with four built-in lens cameras, as well as doors that lock with Touch-ID technology. The company has also taken an interesting approach to A.I., using the technology to analyze water, electricity, and weather data in each Pod Studio and giving residents pointers like “open the shades” and “turn on the heater.”

At the time of writing, Pod Studios aren’t available for general purchase just yet. However, if you’re ready to check one out for yourself, you can book a night stay in a Pod Studio prototype located near Joshua Tree National Park in California. Interested guests who secure their spot with a $50 deposit can stay in a Pod Studio for one night at a rate of $250, instead of the original rate of $350.

You can learn more about Pod Studios and how to try one out for yourself by visiting Podform’s website here.