Experience With Noise Absorbing Ceilings?

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Q: My mom lives in a beautiful condo and is having an ongoing problem with noise from her upstairs neighbors. It’s an old building, so the sound insulation is terrible but the neighbors’ behavior really exacerbates the problem. They have 2 small children and my mom hears everything in their apartment. The neighbors sound like they are constantly moving heavy furniture, running, jumping up and down, and perhaps dropping bowling balls right above where my mom sleeps.

She’s nearly 70, and unable to sleep through the night because of the noise. The neighbors refuse to use carpets of any kind, take off their shoes in the house, or talk to my mom about this problem in any reasonable way. She loves her apartment, but has been talking more and more seriously about selling it just to get away from her neighbors. I’m worried about her health, both because she can’t sleep and because she is increasingly obsessed with her growing hatred of her neighbors. She’s considering installing a second, noise-insulating ceiling in the bedrooms. Does anyone have any experience with such ceilings? What kind of noise will this insulate against — just every day, normal people noises? Or also the noises of jerks doing group jumping jacks in tap shoes at 5 am? Any information would be much appreciated!

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