Extra Cash, Extra Space: Sell Old Tech Online

Extra Cash, Extra Space: Sell Old Tech Online

As a lover of technology and gadgets, we've accumulated a large collection of dormant gear over the years (aka the "obsolete pile"). We've thus set out to sell our collection of old iPhones, TiVos, printers, and other things that are just capturing dust around the house. These old pieces of tech still function fine, but have fallen victim of our upgrade cycle over the years, so we thought it better to sell these items to someone else who would find them useful.

Quick Tips:

  • Take high resolution photos of your items
  • Clean items thoroughly
  • Include original documentation
  • Remember to mention things that add value: extended warranties...
  • Be honost

Check online prices to get a realistic idea of what your item should be listed for

Step 1:
Check out online marketplace to find out prices and other details. Ebay is the best to use for this because they provide prices and something more important: the number of bids(more people bid closer to the end of an auction FYI). If an item is priced sky high and has no bids, it is obviously above the market price. This may be a sobering reality that your once valuable product is worth less, but that is what people will pay for it. Once you have your ballpark price set, find out what else you can do to enhance your selling ability.

Wiping your items down is quick, easy, and makes them look much better as the photo above demonstrates!

Step 2:
Prepare your items for resale! If your item is dirty, clean it up using the proper technique. When cleaning electronics, look up manufacture's suggested cleaning methods to ensure that you do not damage your merchandise. This step also includes doing things like unlocking phones, wiping personal information, and identifying issues you should alert buyer to.

"iPhone 3G in working order, no Dead Pixels" use photos and descriptive language to make buyers see you're trustworthy

Step 3:
Photograph and write your product description. This step is crucial since it is your sales pitch. Remember, photos of your device and honest description make it more likely you will sell your product. The person buying your gear does not want to worry that they are being ripped off.

Ensure your page is clean and informative, also answer any email questions buyers have

Step 4:
Post your item on the website of your choosing and begin the waiting game. During the duration that your device is up for sale, remember to promptly and politely answer any questions your potential buyers have about your device.

NOTE: If a buyer on eBay, Amazon, or other online site contacts you about selling outside of the auction, it is most likely a scam.

Step 5:
Once payment is received, ship your product and do so in an honest fashion as you either represented online or said you would in conversation.

Bottom Line:
Selling your old tech products can be an excellent way to clear up space, provide someone else a useful product, and give yourself some extra cash.

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