Extreme DIY: Radiant Floor Heating

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We swoon at the thought of heated floors. Efficient, green, and oh-so-toasty, a floor heated from beneath with a radiant hot water system is perfect for San Francisco, where it’s often colder inside than outside. But is this a project worth tackling on your own? Design2Share and casaGURU have put together a super-informative guide to help those brave enough to consider the project…

The handy folks at casaGURU claim that if you can handle basic plumbing, you can handle the installation of a radiant heat system. While the pipe system may look scary and complicated, evidently it’s just large, requiring diligence but not necessarily specialized skill. Of course, there’s the matter of pulling up the floor, pouring a concrete sub-floor, and so on, but the article tackles those questions too, suggesting shortcuts and identifying technology that makes the project easier.

Electric in-floor heating mats, for example, are one alternative they offer if you want heated floors but the installation of pipes and a water heater just seems overwhelming.

The full story at Design2Share has extensive tips and guidance, along with links to other helpful sites with step-by-step tutorials. And if you’re just greedy for more extreme DIY inspiration, Design2Share and casaGURU are both packed with ideas for the brave and handy.

(Image: Design2Share)

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