Eye-Fi & 3G Allows for Instant Uploads From Anywhere

Eye-Fi & 3G Allows for Instant Uploads From Anywhere

Anthony Nguyen
Jan 7, 2011

Although you can probably file this under "useful information" rather than "clever hack," it's still pretty sweet info for anyone who owns an Eye-Fi X2 wireless SD card. What's the revolutionary change? Well, let's just say it has something to do with the uncanny superpower ability to wirelessly upload your photos from anywhere with a 3G signal.

Older Eye-Fi models tended to rely on local WiFi networks in order to upload your photos wirelessly. But honestly, we've seen it fail more times than work from our previous experience, so we're still a bit skeptical.

However, if it really works like the way it's written on paper, it might be the ultimate camera accessory complement for netbook and MacBook Air users who don't happen to have an SD slot readily built into their computers.

The way it works is by setting up a small local network that allows a smartphone app to connect to it. When the phone's connected, you can transfer the photos into the phone, which then allows you to send it anywhere as you please over 3G. We imagine it'd be useful for reporters, live-bloggers, emergency situations, and more.

Pretty nifty stuff. Eye-Fi promises to have Android and iPhone apps released later this year. The apps should come free, as usual.

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