FabCab at the Seattle Home Show

FabCab, creator and builder of pre-fabricated dwellings and cabins, recently showed off one of their newest designs at the Seattle Home Show and it looks great. Ranging in size from 300 SF to 800 SF, they’re not marketed as primary residences, but we’d gladly live in one year-round.

FabCab currently offers two different types of prefab buildings: a timber-frame kit and a fully prefabricated line. Both lines are affordable, stylish and functional. The timber frame line featured at the Seattle Home show uses a machine milled and pre-cut timber-frame structure which can be sent as a kit of parts to the build site.

The Pre-Fabricated line is made in local fabrication plants that build homes in modules, which can also be delivered to the building sites. The fully finished homes come with all the finishes and appliances and are pieced together on site, proving more economical than the timber-frame line.

All cabins are “resource efficient” using renewable Douglas Fir that is sustainably harvested. The walls are made of structural insulated panels (SIPS), and painted with low VOC paint. Water efficient fixtures and other green touches round out the standard energy efficiency items on the FabCabs. Green roofs, solar, geothermal and rainwater collection are also available as additional options.

Pictured below are options from each of the FabCab sizes, small, medium and large. Other floor plans are available along with a wide range of customization options:

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)