Fabric Cord Cover: Cable Concealment in Plain Sight

What is one to do when there is no way to hide cable clutter? Strangely enough, wires can be hidden in plain sight! Our preferred method is one borrowed from the interior design world: fabric cord covers. While they may appear frilly, the many color choices can make a chord cover dismissively blend in or pop and stand out.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Utilizing cord covers is easy, just slip the offending electrical bit inside and you are done. We find them particularly compelling for renters who want to wall mount a television. Much of the advantage gained by using cord covers is their non-permanent and minimally invasive hiding abilities. This contrasts with adhesive cable management solutions or inside wall cable runs.

The only downside to chord covers can be their difficulty of procurement. A web search will usually turn up industrial styled covers. Our suggestions are to find a custom lamp shop or use cordcoversusa.com.