Fabulous Folding Chairs!

With small spaces on the mind here at Re-Nest this month it’s high time to consider some high style seating—the fold-away kind!

1. Would you ever have guessed that this stunning lounger was inspired by a folding basket at a Bulgarian market? The Clip Chair, constructed from solid beech, comes in a beautiful black or white lacquered finish.

2. A nice departure from typical angular flatpacks, the Flux Chair’s organic lines create a contemporary cocoon-like feeling. Available in 8 on-trend colors from Dutch industrial designers Tom Schouten and Douwe Jacobs .

3. The Relax Rocking Chair by Johnny Chiang is a great example of a modern take on a wooden classic. Folding away to a slim 7″ profile makes this patio-perfect chair a real space saver in the off-season!

4. This incredibly cool collapsible chair from Studio Dror flips from wall-art to seating to side-table in seconds!

5. Based on his namesake, Takeshi Nii created the Ny Rocking Chair in the 1950’s, inspired by the ubiquitous directors chair. Made using 100% cotton, beech wood and steel piping, this chair folds away easily, though you may have a hard time with the price—$590! Available through Yliving.com.

6. Known as “the worlds thinnest folding chair”, Isis by designer Jake Phipps stows away at a mere 3cm thick! See this impressive chair in action here.

(Images: As linked)