That Facebook Quiz Could Be A Scam

published Feb 10, 2018
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We’re all guilty of trolling Facebook during intense moments of boredom and landing on a seemingly harmless quiz. “What celebrity is your personality twin?” Or “Which winter color represents your mood?” To your surprise, you discover that you’re a winter white, however, The Council of Better Business Bureaus says that we may be giving away more than we bargained for.

The quizzes, mostly made up of simple personality questions and might only require a first name, can lead to hackers diving into your social media accounts and accessing your personal information. Khristian Ibarrola of said, “Once answered, hackers can easily hijack personal accounts and use them to lure in more victims.”

Have you ever received a weird message from a Facebook friend inviting you to join a game or take a quick quiz? Olivia Smith, Communications Manager of the Better Business Bureaus says that’s the work of a hacker.

“By connecting these malware links to your social accounts, the hacker is one step closer to all of the accounts of your friends too,” she continued, “They can also pose as you and send their quiz or corrupted links to your friends, who will be more likely to take a quiz or click a link coming from a friend than if it was coming from an unknown user.”

In the midst of sharing fun family photos and documenting your 30 day gym challenge for your Facebook family, remember to be cautious of unknown users, quizzes, or other gadgets requesting even the smallest piece of your information.

BBB had a few helpful tips to avoid scams, advising users to triple check their privacy settings to manage what information is available to strangers, manage what apps have access to your information and limit what information friends and strangers are able to see via settings, avoid quizzes by unknown brands, and only accept friend requests from people you trust.

Happy hacker-free socializing, my friends.