Add Some Magic with Fairy Doors

Add Some Magic with Fairy Doors

Carrie McBride
Oct 28, 2009

We're not in a rush for our son to grow up and he can believe in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny and his chances of winning the lotto for as long as he likes. He can even believe in fairies. It's part of the magic of childhood.

When reader Linda shared her daughter's playhouse and room re-do with us we were poking around on her blog and saw that she had installed a "fairy door" in her home - gasp! Smitten with the photo we wrote to ask her about it and she told us about the "discovery" of urban fairies by Jonathan Wright living amongst the residents of Ann Arbor, MI (NPR even covered this breaking story). Linda made her own fairy door with materials purchased in a dollhouse store which you can read about here.

Enchanted with the idea we hit the internet to see what else we could find out. We learned that another person enthralled with fairy doors is Stephanie Ford (who designed this lovely numbers poster) so we got in touch to ask her about her interest in fairies and fairy doors:

When I was little we had a cleaning fairy that would visit while we were gone and if the house was clean, she would leave us treats, and if the house was messy, she would leave of a tiny note telling us that she was disappointed that she couldn't leave us treats, but she would check back soon. That would leave us scurrying around the house cleaning up. We never knew when the cleaning fairy would come, but we always looked forward to her visits. My friend with teenagers has a jewelry fairy that leaves tiny, shiny packages with earrings etc. so her teenagers still rush to check the fairy door daily. I think it would be really fun to have a library fairy that leaves books related to things going on with your family (Christmas books or books about New York if you're headed there, or a book about the farm if you're headed there on a field trip, etc.)

Interested in acquiring your own fairy door? We found a few shops that sell them including Steph above (her shop is currently empty, but she may be adding some for the holidays), Enchanted Fairy Doors and Monkeytail & Wellington in Australia. Like Linda you could also purchase a dollhouse door and paint your own (see a selection here and here).

Does anyone else have a fairy door in their home?

(photo credits: 1) Restyled Home 2) Monkeytail & Wellington 3) Monkeytail & Wellington 4) Once Upon A Time Design)

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