Ugly Electronics Hide In Plain Sight With These Book Spines Turned Storage

published Apr 14, 2020
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Every home has it—the mess of cords spilling out from behind your television, cable box, computer, speakers, internet router, etc. The tangle is unavoidable, and pretty unsightly no matter how well organized, tied off, or coiled up your cords may be. There are several ways you can manage the issue, however, none of them are going to be as cute as these hollowed-out book collections designed to keep your space as tidy and aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Dubbed Covobox, the storage solution looks like a selection of books on a shelf. But in actuality, it’s a box designed to keep your secrets, well, secret.

The Covobox was designed and is handmade by Camille and Bryan of Covogoods, a small business out of Utah. The couple curates books from all over the United States, and offers an array of Covobox colorways for clients to choose from.

“Covogoods was born from the creative idea of our founder Camille, who wanted to decorate a room with bright and colorful pieces that would add texture and interest to the space. She also wanted something cute that would provide storage and organization and hide an ugly router and cords,” the Covogoods Amazon page reads. “She began by inventing a simple book box using vintage books cut and adhered to conceal a custom wooden box. The result—a brilliant, attractive storage box that looked like a set of real books—and the start of a new blend of distinctive decor.”

Credit: Amazon

From there, Camille began making custom book boxes for friends and clientele, and now for others.

Each Covobox is made in America from “reclaimed books and sustainable wood.” Buyers can customize the size (from 3” to 29”) and colorway. And the Covobox 2.0 offers a top edge so your items are concealed from every angle.