How to Fake the Feeling of Fall (If That Cold Front Hasn’t Made Its Way to You Yet)

published Nov 5, 2017
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Halloween may have just wrapped, meaning all the TV commercials and the entire retail industry has jumped well past Thanksgiving into the gift-giving holidays. But as much as you might be willing it to be winter, it’s still technically fall for well over a month. And while it might have snowed recently in parts of the US, for others, it still feels like summer. To create that warm, fuzzy, cozy fall feel at home you may be craving, we have a few simple ideas to get you through until it’s actually sweater weather.

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Light candles

Turns out you don’t actually need a proper fireplace to get that cozy feeling at home during the “cold” season. Style your space with a pretty assortment of fragrant candles to usher in loads of extra warmth and light.

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Drink hot tea or mulled wine

Holding a warm mug is a great way to warm you up when it’s chilly, but even if it’s not cool out, it can simulate that same feeling (just try not to hover your face over the steam if you’re not willing to sweat a little). Try chai tea or mulled wine for that specific “holiday” scent. You’ll be feeling warm and fuzzy in no time. (Image via Beautiful Tea)

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Get cushy

True coziness comes from having your comforts at arm’s length, which is why your home should be covered in snuggly accessories. Throw an extra pillow or two on your sofa or invest in an insanely plush throw blanket to stay snug all season long. Wrap yourself in a robe, grab your favorite slippers and prepare to get cozy. (Image via Etsy)

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Use ambient lighting

A warm glow is one of the easiest ways to make an interior feel more comforting. Try turning off all of your overhead lights and switching to low lights—think: string lights, lamps, and sconces—to create a cozier lighting scheme for when the sun goes down. (Image via Urban Outfitters)

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Bake cookies

Put your oven to good use this season and treat yourself to some homemade cookies (or cakes, or pies) whenever you get the chance. Bake some for yourself or deliver a fresh-baked batch to a friend to help spread some edible warmth and love. (Image via The Kitchn)

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Invite friends and family over

Even if you’re dying to throw on that cable knit sweater but the outdoor temps are being preventative, making a point to having loved ones over often during this time of year will give you a snug and comfy feeling no amount of crunchy leaves or cider can replace. Try throwing a soup party for friends or invite members of your family for a festive dinner and you’ll feel good from the inside out.