Fall Back Made Easy With the Ora ilLegale Clock

Fall Back Made Easy With the Ora ilLegale Clock

Taryn Williford
Apr 21, 2009

Ora Legale is how Italian speakers refer to the useless-in-most-places Daylight Savings Time. Wherever there is electricity and alarm clocks, there is no need to change our schedules to maximize daylight hours. Sure, there's a slight benefit for the green movement, but for most of us, the only results we experience are getting a little annoyed and confused trying to call friends in Arizona and, until recently, Indiana, where some counties do not play little silly games with their clocks. But for those of us elsewhere who do, why not do it in style?

The Ora ilLegale clock, designed by Denis Guidone and spotted on Yanko Design, simplifies the form of an analog clock and gives it a tilting base which makes it easy to mae the switch twice a year: Just tilt!

Tilt to the left to fall back and tilt to the right to spring forward. Without a minute hand, minutes can be generally read by the distance between hour marks, the clock is always accurate.

It looks like this might actually see the light of day in the consumer market, too. After it maes the rounds at Milan Design Week, you can expect to see the Ora ilLegale at the Nava Design Store if you're ever in Italy.

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