I’ve Got Color!: The deadline looms

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Wow! We’ve been asking for Northwest color and we got some!

But we know there are folks out there who still haven’t submitted because there are a lot of cities we haven’t heard from. And this is the last weekend to take your pics and get them to us, ’cause our deadline is Monday, October 16th. Ask yourself, are you really going to let the cool prizes from CB2 go to someone else?

We mean you over in Ashland, Astana, Beijing, Bellevue, Bend, Billings, Boise, Eureka, Helena, Juneau, Missoula, Oakland, Portland, Reno, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Shanghai, Tokyo, Twin Falls, Vancouver, Yakutsk, Zillah…etc., etc.

If you’ve got color, we want to see it!