Fall Colors Judges: Vance Williams

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Name: Vance Williams
Location: Chicago, IL
Title: Head Display Designer for CB2

What’s your favorite color?

Fave color is Orange, currently

What’s the best use of interior color you’ve ever seen?

I like Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges. It’s refreshing to see an atmosphere where pink and brown can be utilized. Ethel has done a great job using these colors to create a comfortable retail experience, and the stores have an even balance of pink/brown to convey a warm environment without feeling overdone or tacky.

Bio: We met Vance for the first time last month at a CB2 event we were speaking at in Chicago. The head interior designer for CB2’s two Chicago stores, Vance was introduced as “the magician” who elevates all the designs from great to stunning with his in store displays. An experienced designer with a great eye, Vance may be wearing black up top, but his ability to match colors and textures in surprising and playful ways is unparalleled. We expect him to be looking for the DIY underdog.