Fall Colors Judges: Stephanie Waddell

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Name: Stephanie Waddell
Location: I live in Chicago. More specifically, I live on the first floor of a 1923 red brick two-flat in the Lincoln Square neighborhood.
Website: www.agnesandhoss.com
Title: Designer, Agnes and Hoss

What’s your favorite color?

Oh good lord, this is a tough one, as is evident by my work. My favorite color depends on my mood, time of year, and its specific use. If pressed on this issue, I would say that green, in all of its shades and permutations, is my favorite color for home. Currently my home has a large amount of green and blue, which I’m finding incredibly soothing. I love to wear bright punches of color paired with darker muted tones. A great red or purple against black or blue against brown, for example. I am currently wearing a dress in a muddy-taupe like color with a bright turquoise scarf.

What’s the best use of interior color you’ve ever seen?

My dear friend Claude-Noelle is a beautiful French woman who has lived in New York for over 20 years. She owns a tiny shop in the West Village called Le Fanion, which sells new and antique french country ceramics, as well as antique wood furniture. The shop is something out of a fairy tale, as is its proprietress! The shop exhibits the most beautiful combination of colors that I love for the following reasons:

– They are a direct reflection of the woman who is presenting them and completely embody her personality. They are not all muted, nor all bright. Not all classic or all contemporary. They are all of these and because they are brought together through an innate instinct of an individual, they work together.

– Second, the combination of colors in Claude’s shop clearly show that color is not a modern phenomenon. And for me personally, it was the color in the shop that helped open my mind to a style (in regards to the objects themselves) I might not otherwise have loved so much. From the beautiful yellow glazes on some of the dishes to the sea green glass on the fruit chandeliers, I now see beauty in things I would have previously turned a blind eye to.

My second example can be found in the home of Australian artist Dale Frank, which I saw a spread of in a magazine not too long ago. What amazes me about Frank’s house is the persistent pairing of colors that one would never imagine would work so well together. Specifically the pairing throughout his house of a pale, almost mint-like green with splashes of red and white, or yellow. On the surface these colors would seem to clash, but when put together in the right quantities, they work! Like the colors found in Claude’s shop, they then illuminate objects, furniture, or Frank’s own paintings.

Bio: Agnes & Hoss launched in Fall 2005 with four diverse collections of printed silk accessories for individuals and their homes. These debut collections—handbags, pillows, scarves and lighting brought attention and accolades to Stephanie’s pattern design. Future plans for Agnes & Hoss include annual releases of new patterns and additional product lines, including clothing, bedding, rugs, and wallpaper. We can’t wait to see what she comes up with next…

AT:Chicago is thrilled that a color-loving local Chicago designer is on the national panel of Fall Colors judges and we expect Stephanie will be looking for elegant, yet unexpected choices – luxurious interior classic colors combined with the offbeat.