Eastern Fall Cure: Clearing the Path

Adam Insulating by chottomotto.

Wow, big work going on here. While this is not technically Cure only,
Chottomotto says, “Making the new bathroom more energy efficient with insulation is my lovely fiance who is more determined to finish the bathroom since I started the Cure…”
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Quote of the Day: I had some trepidation in getting involved, since my place is so far from anything I see on AT. But the feedback is so encouraging and I’m definitely motivated to make some changes. I even scrubbed out the kitchen cupboards today, a miracle in itself!
Ephcee (also question below from Ephcee)

Ok, it’s Sunday, time to dive in or at least start to reflect on what you’ve been doing this weekend (or are in the middle of doing). Here’s also A LINK to a week 2 Flickr thread started by East Village Amy that you shouldn’t miss. I’m going to update the news now.

plan_br by Nudik.

“This is a sketch of what the bathroom wall should look like”
from Nudik. It’s cool to see people photoshopping their rooms and then working towards them.

Quote of the Day: Wow – I’m amazed how much better I feel about this kitchen having simply thrown out all the mismatched Tupperware and cleaned off the front of the fridge.LIMOM

Thanks for your patience. We got back from Los Angeles last night and I”m going to catch up today. Thankfully we decided to come back from our trip on Friday, so we have the whole weekend to settle back into home and get used to the chilly weather here in NYC. It’s nice to be home. I see from last Monday’s post that there are a lot of Deep Treatments this time around. What are you all working on this weekend?

This Week’s Assignment: Last week you got inspired, this week you go to work. In the Deep Treatment you are going to focus on the kitchen. You will declutter and clean your kitchen from the top down and then cook a meal you actually like! There are other smaller tasks as well, such as filtering your tap water and planning a housewarming, but the kitchen is your target.

In the One Room Workout, you will probably be focusing on another room in your home. At this point, your task is to arrange the room on paper to best meet your needs. Additionally, it is time to take your inspiration and crystallize it into your vision for the project. Remember, once you have a clear port to sail towards, the trip becomes much easier.

LATEST NEWS ———————————————

sitting area by hilarriet.

Hilarriet before pic, but she has nice stuff to work with. I’m very curious to see what she does this Cure!
kitchen 2  by libertasalata.

Hooray for Before Pics! While they are rarely something to be proud of, they make all the difference in terms of seeing your progress.
kitchen - overview by • Eliane •.

Elaine’s kitchen. Very nice with only a few notes of things to fix.
Style Tray: Living Large in Small Spaces, Typewriters by jendavid1000.

Inspiration from Jendavid1

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The Fall Cure is live again in all four of our Home city sites. The Cure posts will go up twice a week on Mondays and Fridays, allowing for plenty of comment space. We will be pulling comments and pics to the front page post on each of these days and everyone is urged to take pics and post them here.

REMEMBER: The goal is to use the group to support, inspire and answer questions as you go. The more you participate, the more you will get out of it. But you may also lurk if you are shy ;-).

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