Fall in Love With Your Office

Fall in Love With Your Office

Mike Tyson
Sep 9, 2011

Work can be a drag. It's very easy for that to translate to your workspace after a while. And suddenly you're faced with the task of how you can improve the quality of your office and make it enjoyable to be in again. We think that the first step to improving the work you do is to create an environment in which you love to do it. After the jump we've collected some great examples of how you can improve your office and make it a place you want to return to everyday.

Etsy Roundup: 12 Geek Chic Decor Items For Your Desk One way to improve the lovability of your office is to infuse it with crafty and handmade goods. Etsy is a perfect source for a wide range of objects which will fit into many decor styles in your office. Buy cheap and support artists.

How to Display Magazines in the Home Office Taking breaks from staring at a computer screen is crucial to not only your eyes but your sanity as well. Keeping some magazines around the office will help ease that pain. In this post we tell you how to arrange them beautifully in your office.

How To Choose Your Perfect Office Chair A good chair is absolutely crucial to a functional office that you can fall in love with. We recommend you spending more time and money looking for the perfect chair than any other item in your office (except for technology). Here we help you select what chair is best for you.

Pros and Cons to Help You Choose a Desk Layout After the chair comes the all important desk. Sort through the various desk configurations and decide which would be best for you.

5 Easy Ways to Brighten Your Home Office Here are some quick ways to bring some much needed cheer to your drab office through key personalization and styling.

When You Can't Hide Power Cables, Embrace Them Cables can be a real downer. You spend so much time carefully designing your space and in the end, you always have a mound of wires greeting you. They're unavoidable so you might as well embrace them.

7 Ways to De-Stress Your Office Space As we mentioned before, the office can be a source of great stress to you. Take these tips to help yourself de-stress in the workplace. When you are able to make the office a more relaxing and meditative place, you'll find yourself falling in love with it again.

7 Ways To Maintain Your Desktop AreaA clean desk is a happy desk. Daily upkeep and proper cleaning methods will allow you to keep your office from feeling dingy and disgusting. Routine cleanings not only pull you away from your work and give your mind a break, it will freshen up the space and give you a nice clean slate to get back to work.

10 Great Small Air Purifiers for the Home Office Once you clean your desk, you should then focus on cleaning the air around you. These air purifiers will be sure to get the job done.

3 Fantastic Online Sources for Cool Art Prints And finally, there is no such thing as a good office without good art. Check out these awesome sources for affordable art that will be sure to improve the mood of your space.

(Images: Flickr member Jan Charles Linus Ekenstam and knownowdesign licensed for use by Creative Commons.)

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