Fall Romance

Fall is in the air and Etsy is bringing the romance indoors with these great finds for under $50.

Reminder: the holidays are upon us. Take a sec to show loved ones your appreciation now, before you both enter into the whirlwind of November and December – and the inevitable stresses of in-laws, shopping frenzy’s, and having to fake smile your way through Aunt Carol’s mystery sweet potato casserole. Grab your matching custom Snuggies and cuddle up to our list of love-inspired, affordable home items for you and your special someone.

1. King and Queen Pillowcases by LoveAddix, $18
2. King and Jack Pillowcases by LoveAddix, $18
3. Ampersand Love Screenprinted Poster by fifiduvie, $12
4. Fav Greeting Card by nukilan, $2
5. I Love Us 8″x10″ Print by KantanDesigns, $9
6. I Love New York in Autumn Metallic Print by Raceytay, $27
7. Personalized Embroidered Pillow Covers by cozyblue, $46