False Shamrock, True Love : Winter's Hardy Houseplant

False Shamrock, True Love : Winter's Hardy Houseplant

MaryAnne Petrella
Feb 10, 2011

Houseplants can be fussy. In the winter months, my tropicals always seem to be yearning for a lower latitude. In this Northerly climate one requires a potted companion that is content with, nay, craves the cold. Fortunately I have found just that. Enter: Oxalis triangularis.

Known commonly as False or Purple Shamrock, this delicate delight is ever so content in my rather draughty apartment. I first came across the plant at a friend's home; it's dainty blossoms and heart shaped leaves - a most brilliant combination of purples - always catching my eye. My friend often remarked of how simply they are to care for, and one day brought me a small re-potted section of the plant I had admired so.

To this day that same pot of Oxalis triangularis is one of the only indoor plants I have that truly thrives, especially in the wintertime.

Ideal Indoor Growing Conditions:
• Cool Temperature (15 degrees Celsius)
• Bright, indirect light
• Moderate watering

And lest I forget, yet another alias for Oxalis triangularis is Love Plant. With Valentine's day fast approaching, how much better is this than roses? Let me count the ways...

Beautiful stationery featuring Oxalis triangularis by Everything Little Miss

(Images: Top-Bottom: 1. MaryAnne Petrella; 2. The flower Bulb; 3. Everything Little Miss)

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