Family Tracker iPhone and iPad App Secretly Tracks Others

Family Tracker iPhone and iPad App Secretly Tracks Others

Gregory Han
Aug 4, 2010

To be honest, after reading the description for this iPhone App, we think the developers would be the type of people we'd highly recommend avoiding in regards to relationships. The Family Tracker iPhone/iPad app is engineered to remotely monitor the location of your so-called loved one on the sly...basically you're being a suspicious and untrusting partner via technology.

Where we do imagine this technology having some merits is in regard to tracking teenagers, because we certainly remember not always being on the up and up about our comings and goings during our wonder years. But check out this product description and tell us if Family Tracker's advertising copy doesn't comes off sounding oh-so-wrong:

Family Tracker allows you to track your wife, husband, children and fiancée.

Your husband tells you he's going to be late tonight due to a business meeting. Is he really at the office, or is he having dinner somewhere else? Your wife told you she is going out shopping with her girlfriends at the mall. Is she really there or is she with her gym teacher? Your kids tell you that they are staying late with friends to study for their test. Are they really there, or did they go out partying?

No more lies or excuses! You can now find out where they are, at anytime, as long as they have their iPhones or iPads with them.

Of course, once your spouse or child discovers you've been secretly spying on them, there's not going to be an app to fix the emotional mess created by your covert operations. Maybe we're old fashioned, but we think practicing what you preach is a better solution, and being honest about intentions sure beats an app designed to magnify suspicions.

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