“The Farmers’ Almanac” Revealed Its Forecast for the Solar Eclipse — and It’s Iffy

published Mar 13, 2024
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The long-awaited total solar eclipse is April 8, 2024, and people have been planning months (even years!) in advance to travel to locations where the moon will completely obscure the sun. 

With this phenomenon, it’s not surprising that many people will be traveling to a random city to view the astronomical event. But if you are one of these eclipse-viewing hopefuls, you should prepare for unfortunate weather. The Farmers’ Almanac is predicting that a majority of the U.S. cities will experience some clouds that will hide the view of the eclipse. Cities like Austin, Dallas, and Little Rock can expect a clear view of the eclipse in the afternoon, but clouds “may be problematic” over Arkansas. 

From the Midwest to the Canadian territories and provinces, showers and thunderstorms are a possibility, so you might want to pack an umbrella or poncho with your eclipse glasses. Although this weather isn’t ideal for this rare event, it’s better to be prepared than caught in the rain. Plus, this is just a prediction, so be sure to check local weather forecasts on April 6 and follow meteorologists for an accurate forecast.

The Farmers’ Almanac also suggested a handful of essentials in case you’re hosting an eclipse viewing party at your home. Eclipse glasses are a necessity to protect your vision, but a telescope or set of filtered binoculars can help with a good view of the sun. If you’re viewing the eclipse in a backyard, bring a blanket or comfortable chair in case there will be a crowd. And don’t forget snacks and drinks — moon pies are a fun and obvious choice, but don’t be afraid to add something punny like Sun Chips.

Whether you’re planning to travel to a friend’s house or across the country on April 8, be prepared to pack a bag full of rain gear, snacks, and eye protection!