Do You Have a Household Tool You Can't Live Without?

Do You Have a Household Tool You Can't Live Without?

I'm not typically the type to evangelize about brands and products, but ever since my boyfriend bought me a Miele vacuum, I've been telling total strangers how much I love it. Hence: a mention on Apartment Therapy. This vacuum sucks. Really, really sucks. And I mean that in the best possible way.

With two cats and a golden retriever, we had drifts of hair and litter (yuck!) in every nook and cranny of our house. Trying to clean with our crummy old vacuum was an exercise in futility, and the level of filth was making me batty, not to mention sending my allergies into overdrive. When I finally bawled to my boyfriend (translation: complained a lot), he spent an afternoon researching vacuums. Consumer Reports gave the Miele Twist a glowing review among vacuums in its class.

So we made the purchase and two months later, I'm hooked. The weird thing is that I now look forward to vacuuming. It used to be one of my least favorite chores. It's so gratifying to know everything is getting really clean.

How well does the Miele work? The first time I switched it on -- and this was only a day after I vacuumed with our old junker -- I filled an entire bag (bags, by the way, snap off and close, saving me from exposure to dust like bagless vacuums). Same thing happened two days later. It even picked up dirt lodged between our old hardwood planks. It's easy to maneuver and folds all the way flat, too, for reaching under beds and coffee tables. It also has a super-long cord, which is great for an old house with few outlets.

Do you have a household cleaning tool that you absolutely can't live without? Or am I just a weird lady who raves about vacuums to strangers?

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