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Fears, Phobias & Aversions: Facing The Cleaning Tasks You Dread

updated Jul 17, 2020
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I have, from a very young age, absolutely hated the sound of a vacuum, whether I’m shoving it across carpet or some other surface to clean. It’s an aversion that stems from hating loud noises in general. Thankfully, as an adult I’ve come up with a way to mask the sound of a vacuum while reaping its dust-eliminating rewards.

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My trick? Seriously serious noise-canceling headphones on my head piping in podcasts or indie music while I zip that vacuum over my rugs or my blinds. It’s a simple fix, but it’s one that’s made me go from dreading (and putting off) vacuuming to actually looking forward to it, knowing I can catch up on a favorite podcast and end up with a dirt-free floor.

What are the cleaning and home repair tasks you ABSOLUTELY dread? Whether because you hate the idea of touching something gross like the toilet to being afraid of electrocuting yourself while changing the light bulbs —
and how have you gotten over your fears, phobias and aversions?

Some cleaning help for the averse:

Tell us in the comments below and you just might help someone get over their own cleaning fear once and for all this year!