Features We Wish that Every Cell Phone Had

Features We Wish that Every Cell Phone Had

Range Govindan
Oct 28, 2011

Cell phones have come a long way since their beginnings. We're sure that if you told someone 20 years ago all that people would be able to do with their smartphones, they'd probably think that you were crazy but with each passing product update, smartphones are becoming more and more useful in our daily tech-infused lives.

1. High Resolution Flexible AMOLED Screen: Most cell phone companies try and have the best screens available on their smartphones. It's been rumored that the next iPhone's Retina display will have a lot more resolution, same goes for the next iPad. Samsung already has a few really good screens on their phones, but no phones are flexible yet. This would necessitate a further miniaturization of the technology inside your phone, which is not yet possible. Still, there are some prototype flexible AMOLED screens, so there's hope yet. We'd definitely go for completely transparent phones as well.

2. One Device to Rule all Devices: Do you really need a tablet, a smartphone, and an ebook reader? Probably not. It's safe to say that we're heading towards one device that will do most of these things. This could mean that we're going to have somewhat larger screens, or expandable/foldable screens in order to accomplish everything.

3. Performing Voice Control: Phones are getting better at dealing with voice-control, but we're not there yet. While we'd like thought-controlled phones, that's a bit too far off in the future. So we'd just be happy with a phone that would allow us to easily control it completely using our voices. Thanks to car integration, most phones are doing a lot better with this.

4. Information Agents: Some people were amazed at what Siri on the iPhone 4S is able to do, but we'd like to actually have functional information agents, software that is voice-controlled that would allow us to relegate tasks to it, thanks to some kind of software automation. This goes beyond rudimentary tasks, needing complex programming to make it feasible. It would become even more interesting when most homes would be wired for automation. Then you could control some features of your house from afar. Your fridge could tell your house what groceries you have or what you need, your house could tell your phone what you need to get.

5. Fully Functional Video Chats: Using your voice to communicate is what we've been doing for a long time, but we'd like to see high-megapixel count front cameras, and better networks that would allow us to use video chats daily, without any problems. A picture is said to be worth a thousand words, and since Skyping has become so convenient, we'd like our phones to be able to do even more.

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(images: Seunghan Song, Nokia, Aleksander Mukomelov)

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