Features Women Want From Cell Phones

Features Women Want From Cell Phones

Gregory Han
Jun 19, 2012

I had an interesting chat recently with several female friends about why Android devices generally don't register on their radar. Besides the "Darth Vader" marketing factor and the overwhelming "dude" design, the often cited strengths of Android (open, customizable, widgets) didn't carry the same weight as my Android toting proponents, who happen to be primarily male (and usually outside the circle of creatives drawn to the iPhone)...

My friends noted the iPhone "just works, and works well", spotlighting how mobile devices have eclipsed computers in importance for a great many of the population for both work and play...less tech and more of a required tool. Our conversation also brought to light how much the tech industry has yet to move away from yesterday's boy's club mentality about design and features for devices.

And like this infographic illustrates, as much as we're migrating away from voice being our primary mode of communication in the smartphone era as a whole, voice calls still play a very important part for the average female user:

What's most surprising is how little internet access ranks in determining factors, and how much voice and texting are primary "must haves". It would be interesting to further break out these statistics according to mobile devices/mobile operating systems, as I suspect the average iPhone user would rank some of the smart features higher. And who knew people were typing out emails so regularly on those touch screens when emails are supposedly waning in popularity/use?

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