February is Bedroom Month!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Boy, is it bedroom month now. With the lovely drenching of snow (check out great reader’s snow pics in yesterday’s thread) and the temperature well below freezing we’ve rediscovered our bedroom in a new way. Especially since the heat in our small building isn’t always the most active. This morning, for example, the temperature in the bedroom was 56 degrees! Getting out of bed was HARD.

How can we get you all to send in pics of your bedrooms with tips? How about this: If you want tips or advice on your bedroom, send in a pic and we’ll post it as a “Needs Help” post, and if you just have a great bedroom to show off, send in a pic with a dissection of the resources within and we’ll post it as “Hot or Not?” (with voting) or “Look!” (no voting). It’s up to you, but jump in and share whatever you have. (Pic: Matouk Parfait)