February is Bedroom Month!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The Bedroom is often the most neglected room of the house. While we make sure to clean up every other room of the house, this private sanctuary often gets everything dumped in it and then has the door shut so no one checks inside. Time to take back the bedroom!

This month is dedicated to reclaiming the bedroom – the one room where you spend MOST of your time (albeit asleep – mainly).

We believe that bedrooms are the most important room in your home and that they should be clean, peaceful, calming and beautiful. They should be great for a long night’s sleep as well as a sexy romp at midnight.

This month we’re blogging bedroom resources and inviting you to submit your own bedrooms to either show off or ask for help. Send in good pics and we’ll post them. This is your chance to reclaim your bedroom.
(Pic: Jefferson’s alcove bed at Monticello)