This Minimalist Pet Storage Collection Even Has a Spot for Your Pup’s Favorite Ball

updated Jan 14, 2021
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Pekingese dog and cat by the window
Credit: Oksana Shufrych/Shutterstock

If you’re a pet owner, chances are you have a dedicated basket, box, or corner where your dog or cat can find their toys (and maybe, just maybe, put them back in said storage area when they’re done playing—yeah, right). And despite your best efforts, that basket, box, or corner always looks a bit messier than you’d like. Enter the Colombian pet fashion company Ferōz, which might have the fanciest and prettiest solution for pet storage you will probably ever see.

The Casa Ferōz collection is a set of three minimalist wall-hanging storage units that were each designed to house a specific pet toy or supply. The horizontal rectangular unit, sold in a rose color, can hold a small collection of treats, whereas the olive green square unit can perfectly house a rubber ball. The vertical rectangular option, on the other hand, is meant to store rolls of doggy bags.

And each unit comes with a hook for a leash, collar, or set of keys.

“As an owner of two beautiful dogs, pet products occupy a lot of space in my home,” Ferōz founder Daniela Rivera told Dezeen. “But the market has always been missing an elegant and practical way to store those items. I couldn’t find tasteful objects that reflected my style while serving the needs of my pets.”

“There is a great opportunity to develop products and spaces designed around our coexistence with animals and give them a presence in our home that highlights their position as members of the family,” she continued.

The “Olive Green” and “Merlot” storage units start at $164 and the “Dusty Rose” sells for $183. You can check out the entire Casa Ferōz collection over on the brand’s website.