Fill In The Blank: Don't Go Camping Without…

Fill In The Blank: Don't Go Camping Without…

Sarah Rae Smith
Jul 30, 2010

We would wager that many of us have a camping story that involves being without something you greatly needed. It might have been a knife for peanut butter sandwiches or toilet paper for, well you know — we've all been there and wished we would've had something important. Hear our story and share yours after the jump!

Growing up in a family that would cruise down to the lake as often as possible was a blast! We'd hop in the car on Friday, spend the days swimming and fishing; and the nights sleeping under the stars. It was the best of times until one weekend we forgot the matches, or rather the box was empty when we went to start the fire to cook dinner.

The men in the group put their Boy Scout training to use and started rubbing sticks together and trying all sorts of things. After awhile it became a challenge to start a fire and the sun was setting low in the sky and our tummies were hungry! Of course we weren't allowed to check with a neighbor, because that means admitting defeat. We all went to bed that night after eating beef jerky and some water from our canteens. We awoke the next morning to the smell of breakfast and there stood Mom, fire going, food cooking — it was a glorious sight! She had snuck off to round up matches while everyone else was asleep and we have always been grateful for it!

What's your camping nightmare story include? Forget tent stakes? Water bottle? Thought you could break in new hiking shoes? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Image: Flickr member rengber licensed for use by Creative Commons

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