Video Editing on the Fly, Tablet Style

Video Editing on the Fly, Tablet Style

Joelle Alcaidinho
Jul 13, 2012

With the cameras in tablets improving alongside their processing power, it's only logical that folks who are shooting video on their devices would like to edit it without having to transfer their video to a computer. While we doubt the pros are interested in editing their next feature on a tablet, there are plenty of apps out there that will let you edit videos in a snap, whether you're on an Android tablet or iPad.

Bonus, using these apps to edit the vacation videos you shot on your tablet means you can have them edited before you return home to your computer.

iMovie: I'm pretty sure you saw this suggestion coming from a mile away, but with it being from Apple and part of iLife on the iPad, I would be remiss not to list it. I have used iMovie extensively on the iPad and am happy to say that it has come leaps and bounds from the app that is was when it was first announced. With the inclusion of trailers, the iMovie app is even closer to its OS X big brother, and I hope to see even more features from the desktop app make their way into the iOS version. $4.99

Reel Director: This app offers similar features to iMovie at a fraction of the price. While it lacks the very polished Apple themes and trailers, it is much less expensive and could be worth a try for those looking to get their feet wet editing video on their iPad. $1.99

1st Video for iPad: Remember when we mentioned that pros are not likely to use a tablet for video editing? Well if they did, this is most likely the app that they would use. This app goes above and beyond the aforementioned apps with support for multitrack video and audio (up to 6 audio tracks), although it does come with a hefty, at least when it compared to other apps, price tag. $19.99

AndroMedia HD: This app seems to be the equivalent to iMovie on Android as the clear leader in the video editing space. Like most video editing apps, it will export the video in a variety of formats, and it's easy to apply transitions and effects with drag and drop editing. Free

Movie Aid: A simple app to start experimenting with on Android if you're looking for an ultra pared down editor to create short videos. By short we mean 60 seconds, since that is the cap on the free version. Upgrading removes the time cap, but since we could not find a paid version of the app, upgrading must be done through an in-app purchase. Free

Clesh Video Editor: While the app claims to have no render delays, I find this hard to believe, especially since it brands itself as a "cloud video editor." Considering the speed of the internet service in my flat, everything with the word "cloud" attached to it is slow by default. However, based on the three star rating, perhaps they really do have a snappy little video editing app going on, and it's worth Android users giving it a look-see. $4.99

What are your favourite apps to edit video on your tablet?

(Image: Joelle Alcaidinho)

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