Filtercrete by Ozinga: Pervious Concrete

Filtercrete by Ozinga: Pervious Concrete

Concrete is often thought of as a great green material, but one thing it's not great as is a paved surface. It's almost entirely impermeable and contributes to unwanted water runoff. Filtercrete is on the scene to solve that problem – it's a unique porous material that allows air and water to pass through…

Filtercrete's material contains tiny holes that allow air and water to pass through and filter into the soil. As water drains through Filtercrete it is cleansed of pollutants, and then evaporates or is absorbed into the soil below. Because of its porous nature and light color, Filtercrete reduces the urban island heating effect, which helps keep the ambient air temperature cool unlike typical black asphalt. Additionally, while water and ice typically cause concrete to crack over time, Filtercrete maintains that the voids in the material will help it remain intact. This in turn will cut down on future repairs that commonly occur with standard concrete and asphalt during freeze-thaw cycles.

Filtercrete is a great paving and driveway alternative – for more information visit the Ozinga Green Building website.

(Images via Ozinga)

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