Finalist #6: Christine’s Airy Park View

Name: Christine
Location: Park Slope, Brooklyn
Size: 1 BR, 440 sq. ft.
Original Entry: Click Here

1. Who was your favorite entry and why? (other than your own apt.)

“I really admire the way Hakarl & Jili use color and bold graphics on their walls. They’re not just relying on art or furniture (which are equally beautiful here as well) to be the focal point.”

2. Why you should be the champ?

“My approach to making my small space cool was to pare down enough to make it feel spacious. If it’s not comfortable, functional, or making me happy on a daily basis, it goes. It really is a neverending project. That said, I think I’ve figured out how to do this without my apartment looking or feeling spartan. There is no smaller or cooler place for me.”