Finalist #9: Gregory and Emily’s Silverlake Sanctuary

Name: Gregory and Emily
Location: Los Angeles
Size: 639 Sq/ft Studio
Original Entry: Click Here

1. Who was your favorite entry and why? (other than your own apt.)

#16: David and Im’s “One Space”: We feel the couple has maximized their space efficiently, creating distinct areas of use while maintaining a cohesive decor. The effective use of lighting accentuates functional areas of living and activity. Their storage has become an element of decoration, with the ingenious effect of hiding or revealing possessions depending upon necessity. Details such as the ladder, the sleeping loft, and the chairs upon the wall are unexpected and even a bit playful. We especially like the wraparound bookshelf, which brings both colour and personality into what could easily have been an industrial space.”

2. Why you should be the champ?

“We believe we’ve made what was once a dark and rough-around-the-edges apartment into a bright and cheerful living space that distinctly and openly reveals who we are and what we do. We feel we’ve given recognition to the apartment’s architectural elements, while complimenting them with decorative pieces from multiple eras and assorted styles. We tackled challenges such as creating a dual use space (a sewing room/library) in the vanity closet, converting the breakfast nook into our bedroom, maximizing an awkwardly sized kitchen, and showcasing our collections without cluttering the space.”