Finalist #10: Jenny & Clove’s LAish Pad

Name: Jenny & Clove
Location: Astor Place, NY
Size: 442sq ft open studio (NYC loft meets LA Modern meets Zen temple)
Original Entry: Click Here

1. Who was your favorite entry and why? (other than your own apt.)

West #32: Shauna’s More Dash than Cash: This entry is a lot of fun and shows how an ordinary person can create an incredibly stylish, colorful shangri-la. Even the outside is transformed from a dreary raw space into a tropical paradise!

We love the confident mixing of historical periods, all the fabulous fabrics & the uniqueness of the chalk mural– all done on the cheap. We feel the winner should have a high-end look on a low-end budget, and be neither a designer nor an architect. Shauna’s personality, humor, exquisite use of color & pattern creates a vintage yet modern, warm yet cool, functional yet whimsical space. Someone clearly lives here, it’s not a design ad from a shelter magazine or a page out of the Ikea /West Elm catalogue. Plus, we love mojitos and a sassy attitude.”

2. Why you should be the champ?

“We essentially downsized (1100 in SF to 500 sq ft in NYC) to devote ourselves to our art. Though our space was a wreck, and our budget, a shoestring, we were determined not to settle. We wanted New York & San Francisco, indoor and outdoor, upscale apartment & artistic freedom. We wanted our space to be more luxurious, more functional and more of an oasis than any apartment we’ve ever shared while accommodating our living, as well as workspace.

Despite its small size & meager budget, we feel our apartment stands up to entries by professional designers & architects alike, or those with unlimited budgets. Being an artist requires perseverance, energy and ingenuity, qualities that allowed us to re-use, re-purpose, and re-invent ordinary materials in order to create an extraordinary space.

Having run out of funds for our garden renovation, we will use any prize to outfit our backyard. What better end to the contest than to help complete a project?”