Finally! A Device to Quiet Super-Loud Commercials

Finally! A Device to Quiet Super-Loud Commercials

Taryn Williford
Feb 23, 2010

Advertisers will do just about anything to get your attention—including making sure that their commercials are aired at least three times the volume of the show they're interrupting. As if you didn't need another reason to get a TiVo. Luckily, somebody with some tech know-how (In this case, SRS Labs) hates them as much as you do and made a plug-and-play device that quiets loud commercials down.

The guys at SRS labs have been perfecting audio technology for a long time. Many swanky televisions come built-in with an SRS TruVolume system that regulates audio on it's own, producing a seamless sound from show to ad or from channel to channel.

It's done automagically with an algorithm most of us could never understand, but all we need to know is that our volume comes out at a consistent level. Loud sounds aren't cut off, they're shrunk, preserving subtleties in the audio.

Now, anyone can take advantage of the tech by buying the MyVolume Advanced Volume Leveling Adaptor from SRS Labs. The plug-and-play box connects between your TV and Set-top Box, DVD player or Gaming Console and can be hidden away so nobody even knows it's there.

And at $99 (For the HDMI version with included HDMI cable, the Analog/RCA version is only $49), it's a do-able solution for most households. You can grab one here at SRS labs' online store.We just have one question: Why did this brilliant marvel take so long?

Via DVice

(Yahoo! Ad Still within TV: yodel anecdotal via Flickr Creative Commons license)

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