Fincube Eco House

This one-bedroom home was created as an option for eco tourism. It is built on top of a 3 meter tall pedestal that minimizes its ground footprint, improves ventilation and provides excellent views of the Italian mountainside where it is set. We think it would be a great vacation home!

Designed by Studio Aisslinger along with hotelier Josef Innerhof, it is made from locally-sourced Larch. Though the living space is 500 sq ft, the footprint of the home is only about 11 sq ft. It is fairly portable, so if you were to move the structure the ground would recover relatively quickly. There is a kitchen, living area, bedroom and bathroom in this small space, but it is made to feel bigger by the triple-glazed windows that surround them. A shade screen and walkway circle the house giving you another way to enjoy the view.

via: Inhabitat

(Images: Studio Aisslinger)